Library Storytime

  • Thank you to Ebby Halliday Realtors, the Plano Rotary Club and the Plano Public Libraries for their support of the Public Library Virtual Summer Concert.

    Princes and Princesses

    Plano Public Library Storytime July 2020

    Can you name the instruments in the video?

    (click on the pictures to see the whole instrument)
  • The larger instrument above?

    A viola! There are a violin and a viola in the picture. The viola is slightly larger and has a deeper sound than the violin.

  • The instrument above?

    A cello! The cello is the lowest instrument in the story time video.

  • The instrument above?

    A flute! The flute is a woodwind instrument, unlike the two others in the video that are in the string family.

  • Princess Castles

    Many of the princess castles in Disney movies are based on real castles!  Some of these real life castles were the backgrounds in our story time video.  Can you identify these castles?

  • Which princess's castle is above?

    Cinderella! Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany was an inspiration for Cinderella’s castle both in the movie as well as her castle in Disney World.

    File ID 45121599 | Bo Li |

  • Which princess's castle is above?

    Jasmine’s castle in Aladdin is based on the Taj Mahal in India! It is an inspiration for the Sultan’s palace in the movie.

    File ID 11908184 | © Edwardje |

  • Which princess's castle is above?

    This castle inspired Sleeping Beauty! It is Chateau d’Usse in France. It is a little bit of a trick question, because Aurora’s castle in the movie is inspired by the same castle as Cinderella. This castle, however, is known as the “Sleeping Beauty” castle and is said to have inspired the Sleeping Beauty story.

    File ID 152186201 | Marketa Novakova |

  • Which princess's castle is above?

    This castle inspired Rapunzel’s castle in the movie Tangled! It is Le Mont Saint Michele in France. This beautiful castle is surrounded by water at high tide.

    File ID 41964052 | © Xantana |