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    Welcome teachers to the 2020 School Concert Program!

    Concert registration will be through a Google Form for this year rather than paper.  The form will be available on or before September 15 and registrations are due November 1. The Prezi will also be available covering concert material by November 1.

    Concert Dates 2020

    Feb. 18-20

    Mar. 17-19

    **one note:  Links within the Prezi will open a new tab in your browser.  Just ESC out of the Prezi and the link will be open behind it.


    School Concerts Orchestra Seating Chart

    Use to show your students where on stage the different instruments will be sitting! (click image to view PDF)


  • Instrument Petting Zoo

    Want to reserve the Zoo for your classroom or school event?

    Teacher Notes

    This site has many resources to use with our concert series:

    Instrument Demonstrations!




    Exploring Music

    The Explore Music section has many TEKS aligned activities for your classroom.

    The Explore Form section has videos of standard forms

    Explore the Orchestra has a quiz to test knowledge of instruments and families

    Instrument of the Month will feature a demonstration and information about a new instrument each month.